Hey Monster family,

Been a minute since we touched base with our community with regards to our progress. In a short and precise way I’d try my best to touch on each and every issue and progress. We understand the patience exhibited by the Monster Family. Y’all are superstars!

The Monster Ecosystem is built on a very important tripartite;

We have made remarkable progress on each of these focal points, but I can’t help but share that there is still a lot of work to be done.

We are pleased to announce that Monster Finance Whitelisting process will start on the 8th of June, 2021 at 4PM UTC. The project is centered around the larger community of sport enthusiasts across the globe with the sole mission of redefining sports fandom in a Decentralized, Incentivized and Tokenized manner. We have received great backings from key players in different sport and the excitement level within the team and the Monster immediate community is at an all time high. After completing the private sale few weeks ago, the team is hard on the V1 launch of the MONSTER Platform. …

Monster Finance

Redefining Sports Fandom; Decentralised, Incentivized, Tokenized. telegram group: http://t.me/joinchat/59vEt…

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