Knock Knock Knock (In Sheldon’s Voice)

Hey Monster family,

Been a minute since we touched base with our community with regards to our progress. In a short and precise way I’d try my best to touch on each and every issue and progress. We understand the patience exhibited by the Monster Family. Y’all are superstars!

The Monster Ecosystem is built on a very important tripartite;

  1. The Monster Utility
  2. Partnerships
  3. Community.

We have made remarkable progress on each of these focal points, but I can’t help but share that there is still a lot of work to be done.

  1. The Monster Utility — Monster is one of the few ecosystems in DeFi with a clear and distinct vision that was explicitly stated on the roadmap. The Monster V1 was to come with the platform’s native token $MNSTRS that will serve as main platform currency for the amazing products that will be rolled out in V2 and V3. As part of the V1 roll out, is the MNSTRS farm where community members will be able to earn more $MNSTRS for providing liquidity to the pools. I am happy to share that $MNSTRS V1 is fully developed. However, as a community, it is very important for us to share the reason for the delay in the public deployment of the product for the sake of transparency.
  • The initial token contract had 8 decimals and was not compatible with the partnerships in our pipeline. Hence, the need to redeploy the smart contract.
  • How does this affect you?

It simply means that our community members will be able to swap their current $MNSTRS to the new $MNSTRS token. As a compensation, each HOLDer will receive 2x of their current $MNSTRS. The initial supply and the tokenomics remains the same, but the amount of token distributed to the community will just be doubled.

  • Secondly, As stated earlier, the V1 is fully completed, but the major delay we are facing at the moment is from our IFO partners. We have been in talks with considerably a large number of launchpads within the BSC ecosystem, and we have been met with quite a number of reluctance due to the current state of the market and the tension within their respective communities. We are working extensively with a few of them to develop a concise strategy that will be adopted.

2. Partnerships — A community becomes stronger with amazing partnerships. We prioritize long lasting, meaningful partnerships as this is what makes a sustainable, organic community which propels the project to hitting key milestones on the roadmap. Partners names will be released with accompanying marketing buzz once we are a few days from launching publicly and we will be going live with a minimum of 5 strong partners.

3. Community — At the heart of the Monster ecosystem is you! You are the inspiration behind the Monster vision. We wake up every single day wanting to push harder. We are aware of the fact that we are behind schedule, and the community has exhibited unfettered patience and we can’t but ensure we deliver on our commitments. The community has reduced drastically in numbers in an understandable manner. However, plans are in place to build the community up via strategic marketing and partnerships. The marketing plans will be communicated accordingly.

We want to assure you that this journey we are on together as one Monster family is for the believers. Our mission is to redistribute wealth from its current consolidated state to the diamond hands of thousands of retail investors.


  1. $MNSTRS swap will occur at 2x of the current individual holdings.
  2. Getting an IFO off the table is very important considering the long term vision of the Monster ecosystem.
  3. We need the support of each and everyone of the community through this phase, whatever skills you have that you think are beneficial to the growth of the community will be appreciated.
  4. Lastly we appreciate everyone still believing in the Monster mission. Monster is coming live sooner than expected. In Julia’s words, we will make sure it is worth the wait.

For suggestions and contributions, reach out to @MNSTRS01 or @cryptobizsmall on telegram.